Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips To Run Your System Longer And Stronger

The right air conditioning maintenance tips help you run your system longer and stronger than you might ever think possible. You rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and the air dry, so it serves a very critical role in the health of your family. Taking care of it is then very important for you to do.

Changing the filter inside your home regularly is a very simple and cheap step that you should do several times a year. A dirty filter makes the unit work harder than it has to, which runs up your utility bills and shortens its functional lifespan.

Installing a climate control unit or programmable timer and temperature control device can seriously lengthen the lifespan of your actual air conditioner while you still stay comfortable. That lets you have precise control over what internal temperatures trigger it to come on and go off, and you can run the home a little warmer when no one is at home or at night.

Having a professional service technician look over your unit twice a year is a great step in keeping the machine running years longer than you might have ever expected. It’s good to have a preventative maintenance appointment before you need to start running it in the late spring, and then again after it cools down so you can find any wear and tear that happened.

Having a duct cleaning professional to come in and clear out your air pathways also helps your air conditioner run clean air and struggle less to keep your home cool and dry, so have that contractor come out too.

Consider the landscaping around your unit too. Having plants that block direct sunlight keep it cooler and running better, but too much vegetation around it can also impede access and airflow.