What Are All The Different Types Of Refrigerators?

The refrigerator is by far the most important household appliance. Buying a new refrigerator is a long-term investment and you should be aware of the various options available in the market. Today, refrigerators are available in several designs and styles, depending on your budget and needs. You must consider the advantages and disadvantages of each model available in the marketplace before buying a refrigerator.

Types of Refrigerators

Some models of refrigerators that you can find in online and offline stores are:

Top Freezer Refrigerator

This model is the most common and the least expensive model available in the marketplace. These models will have the refrigerator at the bottom and a freezer in the top. The refrigerator will have a lot of storage space and they be used for storing large dishes. These house appliances usually require deep and wide spaces to allow the refrigerator door to open fully.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

These refrigerators are similar to top freezer refrigerator, the only difference being that the freezer is at the bottom. The freezer section opens like a pull out drawer. These models are popular because you don’t have to bend down to access the refrigerator. While bottom freezer is more expensive than top freezer model, they are still economically prices. Also, they require the same space as the top freezer model and are inflexible. A drawback of this model is that accessing the frozen food section is less convenient when compared to top-freezer model.

Side-by-Side Refrigerator

In this model, the freezer and refrigerator compartments are parallel to each other. These compartments open have a handle the middle like a closet or cabinet. The side-by-side refrigerator is wider than the top and the bottom freezer model. These refrigerators are ideal for small kitchen because you need less space to open the door fully. Also, these home appliances come with extra features like water and ice dispenser on the door. The main disadvantage of this model is that it is expensive and the refrigerator repair cost is high.

French Door Refrigeratorsfrench door refrigerator

These refrigerators are ideal for those who want a bottom freezer in side-by-side design. The French door fridge is one of the most expensive models but they give you the best of both worlds. Since, these refrigerators have wide shelves, they give you enough space to store almost everything. Also, these residential appliances come with ice and water dispenser on the doors.

Counter Depth Refrigerator

These refrigerators are shallower than normal depth refrigerators. This makes these models blend with built-in cabinets and cupboards. These machines are ideal for homes that have limited space. However, they generally offer limited storage space. Some French door and side-by-side refrigerators are available in design and are usually more expensive than the standard depth model.

Compact Refrigerator

These refrigerators are the miniature version of the normal refrigerator. If you are looking for a compact machine for your office or dorm room, then this model is perfect for you. These refrigerators usually don’t have a freezer compartment.

Wine Coolersmini bar refrigerator filled with different types of drinks

The drink and wine coolers are used to keep your drinks cool and are also known as cellars. There are several models of wine coolers and you can choose a model that best suits your requirements. Some expensive models feature multiple zones to keep different drinks at optimal temperature.

Like any other appliance, even your refrigerator can break down. When there is a problem with the machine, it is in your interest to get help from a reputed Refrigerator Repair Services West Palm Beach company. Today, there are several appliance repair companies that send technicians to your place to troubleshoot the problem. These companies not only have fridge repairman, but also have dryer repair technician, oven repair expert, and several other technicians on their rolls.


Do You Need Some Tips On How To Fix A Noisy Refrigerator?

A noisy refrigerator is a serious annoyance. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Other than your bedroom, you might spend more time here in the home than anywhere else. That means a noise fridge is something that has the power to drive you up the wall with its incessant noise.

Other than that, though, it’s considerably stressful. Does the noise mean the unit is breaking down? Is the food inside safe? Is there an electrical issue that might start a fire?

Fortunately, most of the time the noise just means something is out of alignment and needs an easy refrigerator repair. For starters, get a flashlight and check underneath the fridge, as well as the sides and behind it. Clear out any dust, debris, or other items you find in these spaces. Sometimes a fridge just needs its space, and something could be blocking a fan or rattling audibly to otherwise quiet fridge vibrations.

A second step to try is physically moving the fridge an inch forward or back if there is room. Sometimes it just gets a little unsettled and needs to be re-stabilized to resume quiet operations.

A third thing to try is to rearrange items on or in it. This includes hard containers inside, the shelves and drawers themselves, and even things on top. You’d be surprised how often one of them is rattling sounds like a bad motor.

Finally, try physically unplugging the fridge from its power source for at least 30 seconds. This is more than just powering it down, physically unplug it. That gives circuit boards and modern motors a chance to discharge their old electricity and static and reset.

If none of these steps work, consult an electrician or appliance repairman.

Tips To Keep The Air Quality In Your Home Clean

You have probably heard it before: indoor air pollution is so many times worse than outdoor air pollution. The thing is, this is not always true, as it changes from building to building and structure to structure. As a homeowner, there is a lot you can do to keep the air quality in your home as clean as possible so that everyone literally breathes easy.

The first thing you should do is check the filters of your HVAC system. Each home usually has at least one, but there might be others. Fortunately, replacements are cheap at hardware and home improvement stores, and they are super easy to replace. If you rent, you can probably have this done for free. Also remember to change these every three to six months.

A second thing you need to do is dust and vacuum your home thoroughly. In fact, you might even want to call in a professional carpet cleaner. Much of the air pollution you are trying to avoid is stuff that is sitting comfortably for a long time in the fibers of your carpets and rugs. For that matter, you should consider having your furniture cleaned, and clean any and all bedding, including pillows and bedding in guest rooms that has not seen use lately.

After all this, contact a professional for a price quote on getting your HVAC system and ductwork cleaned out. Talk to at least three to find the best prices and services available. This step alone might make the most dramatic difference in your home’s air quality, but don’t rely on it alone to skip the other steps.

Start having people wipe their feet before coming into your home or even taking off their shoes before entering. Also consider getting air purification devices with HEPA filtration to add to rooms of the greatest concern. Dehumidifiers in bathrooms work wonders too.